Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fast & Easy Mid-Week Appetizer: Guacamole!

I bought a couple of avocados last weekend at the farmer's market which I wanted to use for my tasty guacamole recipe. This is my own spin on the classic although; all guacamoles pretty much consist of the same ingredients. I like my guac chunky and with a kick so here it is. Enjoy!

A Heart for Cooking original recipe
Makes enough for 4 people (or 2 greedy ones like my husband and me)

My chunky guacamole ready to serve.

2 avocados
2 limes
1 lemon
½ cup chopped red onion
1 ripe, medium chopped tomato
2 Tbsp cilantro, chopped
Salt and fresh pepper, to taste

Directions: Peel and seed the 2 avocados into a large bowl. Take one of the limes and roll it against the counter with the palm of your hand to soften the lime and make it easier to juice. Squeeze the lime over the avocados and then gently mash the avocados, leaving some chunks. Next add the red onions, tomatoes and the remaining lime and lemon to the avocado mixture and stir together. Mix in the cilantro and add as much salt and fresh pepper to your liking. I then add 3 splashes of Tabasco and mix again. This can now be covered and refrigerated until ready to serve with tortilla chips or added to your favorite dish.

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  1. chica u crack me up! "or 2 greedy people" i am gonna try it!